Adjunct and Visiting Faculty

The Adjunct Professor titles are granted to those individuals whose primary responsibilities lie outside the University or in another capacity within.  Adjunct Professor titles are symbolic and appointments in this title track cannot carry any effort.

Individuals whose ongoing employment responsibilities lie outside the University at another institution of higher education may be appointed as Visiting Professors.  Appointments as visiting instructional faculty are for one year or less and may be extended for a second year only under unusual circumstances.  These appointments are without tenure. Visiting instructional appointments are made at any rank but must be consistent with the individual’s professional stature.

Adjunct and Visiting faculty appointments require approval by the ADAA.  Memos requesting approval to appoint an Adjunct faculty member should be addressed to the ADAA, should accompany the CV of the candidate, should be signed by the Department Chair and should include the following information:

  1. The requesting department name;
  2. the requesting faculty member name (with what group/activity will the candidate be associated);
  3. the rank of the position (assistant professor, associate professor or professor);
  4. justification for the position;
  5. the anticipated start date; and
  6. the duration of the appointment (terms up to three years).
  7. Visiting Professors Only:  the percent of effort, anticipated salary and source of funds.

Requests of this nature should be sent to Sherry Hall ([email protected]).  Sherry will notify the department when such an appointment has been approved.