TO:                  College of Engineering Department Chairs

FROM:            Michael P. Wellman (ADAA)

DATE:             December 2, 2016

SUBJECT:       2017-2018 Sabbatical and Other Leave Requests

It is time to begin planning your requests for AY17-18 faculty sabbatical leaves, and any other faculty leaves for the next academic year. Please read this memo in its entirety, as we have experienced errors and omissions in these requests in the past.

Under normal circumstances, the College will not provide instructional replacement funds for sabbatical leaves.

2017-2018 Sabbatical Requests
Please submit AY17-18 sabbatical leave requests with a cover letter of endorsement to the ADAA office by Friday, January 6, 2017 for consideration by the College Executive Committee. Following Executive Committee approval, the sabbatical requests are submitted to Staff Records, and the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice-President for Academic Affairs.  University letters of approval are usually sent out in mid-March.

The sabbatical form (Form J) and associated procedures and policies can be downloaded from the ADAA web site:  Sabbatical leave plans should include a paragraph explaining in detail the proposed research or other activities.  The place(s), (institution(s), location(s)) where the proposed work will be carried out, including where the majority of time is to be spent, is also required.

Faculty members on a one-term sabbatical receive full College-funded salary for that term; those on full-year sabbatical receive half of their salary over the full academic year.  Faculty on a one-term sabbatical will receive retirement contributions at the full time rate or 100%.  Those on a full-year sabbatical (i.e., equivalent to a 50% appointment) will receive half of their retirement contributions.  The University’s policy on sabbaticals appears in Section 201.30-2 of the Standard Practice Guide (SPG):

Faculty members requesting a full-year sabbatical who wish to supplement their salary with research funds must indicate their source of research funds, and are responsible for obtaining appropriate sponsor approval prior to ADAA approval. There are strict limits on the use of non-sponsored funds to supplement salary (research incentive, gifts funds, etc.); please consult your department administrator for details.

Faculty Obligations
In accordance with the UM Standard Practice Guide (SPG), a report from the faculty member to the chair is required upon completion of the sabbatical leave. This report should be submitted online at: The ADAA office will send confirmation of reports to HR Records and Information Services.  Additional requirements per the SPG:

  • “A faculty member granted a sabbatical leave is required to return to the University for a period of at least one year following the completion of the sabbatical leave.”
  • Faculty members eligible for a retirement furlough “must not have taken a sabbatical leave during the four years preceding the beginning date of the retirement furlough.”

Changes in Sabbatical Leaves
Changes to approved sabbatical leaves must be requested, with full justification, and submitted for Executive Committee approval.  Last-minute changes may impact salary payments.  Faculty members should prepare a memo requesting the change or cancellation to the sabbatical and submit this to their department chair for approval.  If the change involves substantial modification to the Form J already submitted, a new Form J should be attached to the memo.  Once approved at the department level, the request should be submitted to Sherry Hall in the ADAA office for Executive Committee consideration.  If approved by the Executive Committee, the ADAA office will forward a request to Academic HR and when approved, will notify the faculty member, department chair, and department unit administrator.

Sabbatical Funding for Joint Appointments
If another College or School funds the faculty member during the accumulation of the relevant sabbatical-equity period (six academic years), the other Unit(s) must approve the proposed sabbatical.  In addition, the expectation is that the funding of the sabbatical will be apportioned accordingly.

Sabbatical Accrual Policy
Faculty members are expected to end all administrative appointments during the sabbatical.  For a sabbatical delay caused by a College-assigned administrative position, the credit is accrued in the form of a salary augment to the normal 50% compensation during a full academic year sabbatical.  The augment is 1/12 of the AY salary for each year of delay for up to six years of delay.  For a one-term sabbatical, there is no augment.

Faculty members asked to postpone their sabbatical for pressing teaching or service needs in the Department may request preservation of their additional equity, up to two semesters, toward a subsequent sabbatical.  Requests must be submitted prior to the postponement and will be reviewed at the Department, College, and University levels for approval.

Conflict of Interest and Commitment
In accordance with the SPG, a faculty member on sabbatical leave shall not render service for compensation in the University or another institution or enterprise.  This does not preclude, however, the acceptance of a fellowship or other assistance in research.  Refer to the SPG for additional details.

Other Leave Types
Please submit other leave requests (i.e., requests for Duty Off Campus, Leave without Salary, IPA and Scholarly Activity Leave) as soon as possible and no later than April 21, 2017.  The College Executive Committee must approve these leaves. Note that modified duties under the family friendly policies are not leaves, and should be requested through the ADAA office.

Please contact Sherry Hall (x7-7018, sfolsom@umich,edu) if you have questions or need any assistance with faculty sabbatical leave or other leave requests for 2017-2018.