Lecturers Posting Procedure

Approval Process for Lecturer Position Postings

  1. Draft a posting for the position. The posting MUST include the following items:
    • The position for which applications are being accepted, a general description of the duties of the position, and the duration of the appointment.
    • The minimum and desired qualifications, and the selection criteria to be used.
    • The beginning date of the appointment.
    • Indication whether the position is anticipated or open and, if open, subject to final administrative approval.

      The following items are required per the LEO agreement, however, they are a part of the eRecruit system and do not need to appear in the posting description, itself:

    • The deadline for application.
    • The expected date(s) by which appointments will be made.

      The posting should also indicate that the position is subject to the terms and conditions of a collective bargaining agreement between the University of Michigan and the Lecturers’ employee organization (LEO) AFT/MFT and SRP Local 6244 AFL-CIO.

  2. Create a job posting in the eRecruit system using the following Hiring Teams and Approvers: 

  3. Hiring Teams: Department Personnel Anne Rhoades- Hiring Manager

    Sherry Hall – Hiring Manager

    Select any Employment Process Coordinator (EPC)
  4. Approvers (ALWAYS Enforce Approval Order):
    Department Personnel
    Anne Rhoades – eliminates need to get posting text approved in advance via email

    If the posting is replacing a vacancy, check the “Replacement” box and enter the person’s name who is being replaced. Otherwise, check “New Position”.

    Post position on the eRecruit website for a minimum of 10 days

  5. RPM will review the posting for approval and assign a unique 4-digit Position Control Number (PCN). The PCN will be visible in the Detail Page of the requisition.
  6. Notify all Lecturers within the department three days prior to posting the position of posting availability per LEO contract.
  7. Please be sure to include the PCN on all paperwork related to the position for administrative tracking tied to the search, hire and employment activity. In addition, include the PCN on new hire paperwork and be sure to list the PCN in the remarks section with a note to HRRIS to request they close the requisition.
  8. A complete new hire paperwork packet will be needed for all those new to the University. For those currently employed at the University who will accept a LEO appointment, a PAR can be done to complete the hire in lieu of a new hire paperwork packet. For questions pertaining to LEO hire paperwork and processing, please contact Anne Rhoades ([email protected]).