Dual Career Services

When it is clear that there is interest in a second visit of a prospective faculty candidate, please notify Sherry Hall in the ADAA office.  Please include contact information for the candidate with your notification.  Sherry will then notify the ADAA and the CoE Director of Dual Career Services, Melissa Dorfman, so that an informal contact may go out regarding these services.  It is our hope that this will improve our ability to respond to the needs of dual career candidates with an earlier indication of the possible solutions to the needs of their partners.

There will no longer be the need for the department chair to make a formal request of the ADAA for dual career services.  When a candidate makes contact for dual career services, the Director will work closely with the ADAA, Department Chair and departmental staff to arrange services and coordinate a separate itinerary for the partner if needed.

Please see the following links for further information: