Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

The Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs has primary responsibilities related to the faculty, including oversight of the hiring, promotion, and tenure processes; merit review and overall budget review and planning; and space allocation and management.

The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs works in close cooperation with the Dean, the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, the Associate Dean for Research, and the Associate Dean for Graduate Education to sustain and advance the academic mission of the College.

Michael Wellman

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Lynn A. Conway Collegiate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

(734) 647-7020

2464 LEC 2102


Melissa Dorfman

Dual Career Program Manager

(734) 615-6417 cell (734) 646-7663

4115 Med Sci I 5624

Sherry Hall

Human Resources Generalist

(734) 647-7018

2456 LEC 2102

Jennifer Piper

Managing Director for Academic Affairs

(734) 647-7035

2414 LEC 2102

Heidi Sherick

Faculty Development and Leadership Specialist

(734) 764-3455 cell (406) 579-3298

2446 LEC 2102

Martha Sweigert

Assistant Director

(734) 647-7020

2458 LEC 2102


Business Address:

Robert H. Lurie Engineering Center
1221 Beal Avenue
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2102
Fax: (734) 647-7019