Consulting days policies

Consulting Days Policies

The College of Engineering recognizes that consulting work can greatly enhance a faculty member’s productivity as a teacher and scholar.  Accordingly, each instructional faculty member is permitted to consult up to an average of four days per month while he or she is on a 100% University appointment, regardless of the source of funds for the appointment.*  This pertains to the academic year from September through May, and is extended to the summer months if faculty have summer appointments, whether for research or teaching or administration. As a result of stricter standards on accountability to both the Federal and State governments, the College requires annual certification from faculty regarding their consulting activities. The following paragraph explains the College of Engineering policy regarding consulting, which is consistent with the University policy regarding consulting (The University of Michigan Faculty Handbook, *Please note that due to federal regulations, consulting days may not be available for certain visa statuses. Please consult with your unit administrator or the ADAA office prior to making consulting arrangements.

Consulting Policy

Faculty are allowed to consult 36 days maximum during the academic year. It does not matter when you choose to take these 36 days, whether on weekends or holidays; if you are paid to consult, it counts. If you have an appointment during the summer, you will need to adhere to the 4 days per month during the time of the summer appointment. Thus faculty need to pay attention to two separate limits on consulting: 36 days from September 1 to May 31, and an additional limit of 4 days a month during the summer term, if on a University appointment during those months. If you are consulting more than this, you will need to discuss with your chair and my office, and you may need to reduce your appointment accordingly. In all cases, it is understood that consulting activities are a privilege, not a right, and must not interfere with the fulfillment of the faculty member’s duties to the University. Example. If you are on a normal 100% appointment during the academic year and the months of June and July, and no appointment in August, you are allowed to consult 36 days during the period September 1 to May 31 and an additional 8 days during the period June 1 to July 31. These days can be any days or combinations of days during these periods. Since you are not on a University appointment in August, there are no limits except your own time and capacity. Reporting of consulting days is covered through the online Outside Interest Disclosure system.