National Academy of Engineering / National Academy of Sciences Members

Department of Aerospace Engineering
Alec D. Gallimore

Department of Biomedical Engineering
Steven A. Goldstein* 

Department of Chemical Engineering 
Sharon C. Glotzer (NAE and NAS)
Ronald G. Larson
Ralph T. Yang

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Glen T. Daigger
Robert D. Hanson* 
Richard D. Woods* 

Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering
Lennard A. Fisk (NAS)
George Gloeckler (NAS)
Margaret G. Kivelson (NAS)

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – CSE and ECE Divisions
Daniel E. Atkins III*
Pallab K. Bhattacharya
Lynn A. Conway* 
Stephen R. Forrest
George I. Haddad* 
Mark J. Kushner
Gerard A. Mourou*
Leung Tsang
Fawwaz T. Ulaby
Kensall D. Wise*

Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering
James P. Bagian
Don B. Chaffin* 
Mark S. Daskin
Wallace J. Hopp
Stephen M. Pollock*
Nadine B. Sarter

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
John E. Allison
Alan Taub

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Ellen M. Arruda
Gary L. Cowger
Noboru Kikuchi*
Yoram Koren* 
Jyoti Mazumder
A. Galip Ulsoy*

Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences
James J. Duderstadt*


*Professor Emeritus