Brief guidelines for faculty disclosure

The spirit of the University Policy on Faculty Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment is full disclosure. However, the College of Engineering has set some reasonable bounds on the requirement for disclosure within the online system as follows:

  • Honoraria for services from non-profit or government organizations: report if >$1000 from a single source for single service
  • Honoraria for services from for-profit organizations: report if >$100 total from a single source within one year
  • Other gifts: report if >$100 Interest in outside organization: report if >$10,000

Only those activities that may be related to the faculty member’s UM work or position must be disclosed.

In addition, the following guidance is provided for common activities. Each of these instances should be disclosed as a potential conflict of interest for management consideration:

  • Outside professional interests (except for those involving professional societies) that involve the use of University facilities or the participation of other University personnel (particularly students) is likely to require a management plan approved by your department chair.
  • An outside professional interest in an organization that uses University facilities for which you control access or costing is likely to require a management plan approved by your department chair.
  • An outside interest (i.e., ownership, financial interest, consulting, family member financial interest, etc.) in any organization that funds your research is likely to require a management plan approved by the OVPR and the College’s Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research. If the external support takes the form of a gift, then the plan must observe the required restriction on deliverables.
  • Purchases from an outside source in which you (or a member of your family) have an interest (i.e., ownership, financial interest, consulting, etc…) will require a management plan that is approved by your department chair. If the expenditure for this purchase exceeds $5000, the purchase also must be referred to Purchasing for a sole source justification.
  • Whenever an outside entity wishes to market something that was created as a result of your research, you should consult with the Office of Technology Transfer and Commercialization for the possible development of an IP agreement.
  • If you are an author or co-author of a textbook you wish to use in a course, the chair or curriculum committee of your department must agree that the use of this text is in the best interest of the students.

For help using the M-Inform system, please send email to [email protected] or contact [email protected]. For questions regarding approvals for outside interests, please consult your department chair.