PRS Promotions

The 2016-17 casebook guidelines and templates are now available.  Microsoft Word versions of the email to potential reviewers and other template letters are available here.  As in the past, please note there are two different letters for external reviewers. Use the appropriate letter for your candidate. All casebooks will be generated through Mountain Pass’ software SmartPath.  Certain sections of the casebook will be generated through the system while other items will be uploaded by the department (CV, department letters, etc.)  Staff are now in training and additional communications will be sent out soon.  Links to templates for Documentation of Teaching, Research and Service are below.

: The CoE Executive Committee approved simplifying the procedures for promoting Research Investigators to Assistant Research Scientists. The casebook for such a promotion will follow the appointment guidelines for an Assistant Research Scientist.

The ADAA office is requiring that all candidates complete their CV in a standard format, to be submitted to external reviewers when soliciting letters and within the casebook. The 2016-17 CV for research scientist track promotions only may be downloaded in Microsoft Word format. Research Professor track promotion candidates will use the CV for instructional track faculty.  

Please note that faculty casebooks will be due in the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (ADAA) office no later than Monday, November 14 at noon.

If you have any questions regarding casebook content or SmartPath, please contact Sherry Hall (, 647-7018) or Jennifer Piper (, 647-7035).

Additional information is available in the form of Faculty Promotion Guidelines from the Office of the Vice President for Research at: (Please note that UMOR has not yet updated promotion guidelines for 2016-2017. The ADAA Office will notify departments when they become available.)