New Faculty Members 2019-20

Welcome New Faculty Members!

The New Faculty Foundations Program is designed to provide new faculty members with both a community of fellow faculty in the College of Engineering and resources for success. The program is coordinated by the office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching in Engineering.

College of Engineering New Faculty Orientation will take place on 27 August 2019.

University of Michigan New Faculty Orientation will take place on 28 August 2019.
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New Faculty Members 2019-20

Aerospace Engineering

Royan D’Mello, Assistant Research Scientist

Chemical Engineering

Maciek Antoniewicz, Professor

Jovan Kamcev, Assistant Professor

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Herek Clack, Associate Professor

EECS – Computer Science and Engineering

Michael Adams, Assistant Research Scientist

Jonathan Beaumont, Lecturer III

Joyce Chai, Professor

Mahdi Cheraghchi, Assistant Professor

Kim Diaz, Lecturer III

Roya Ensafi, Assistant Professor

Justin Johnson, Assistant Professor

Cyrus Omar, Assistant Professor

EECS – Electrical and Computer Engineering

Robert Gregg, Associate Professor (Robotics)

Jaechan Lim, Assistant Research Scientist

Andrew Owens, Assistant Professor (01/01/20 start)

Peter Seiler, Associate Professor (01/01/20 start)

Lei Ying, Professor

Industrial and Operations Engineering

Leia Stirling, Associate Professor

Materials Science and Engineering

Wenhao Sun, Assistant Professor (01/01/20 start)

Mechanical Engineering

Ashley Bucsek, Assistant Professor

Heather Cooper, Lecturer III

Jonathan Estrada, Assistant Professor (01/01/20 start)

Rasoul Salehi, Assistant Research Scientist

Shaobing Xu, Assistant Research Scientist

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Mohammad Reza Amini, Assistant Research Scientist

Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

Kevin Field, Associate Professor

Brendan Kochunas, Assistant Professor

Carolyn Kuranz, Associate Professor


Talia Moore, Assistant Research Scientist